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2009-05-25 20:01 终于决定建一个自己的blog。以前也曾经有两次想写blog,在微软的space上,可是两次都是只写了开篇,不知道这次会怎么样:)

"Try blog
There are always so many new techs coming forth, more and more rapidly. I even don't know exactly what blog/RSS are, as a computer science graduate. So I decided to try it.

I guess blog might be a good thing for people to show-off. It's another way of communication. We have had many stages of online communication. From the write program, email system (one-to-one communication), to later web systems (one-to-many publication), to BBS (topic-oriented many-to-many discussion), to nowdays BLOG (person-oriented one-to-many showoff and feedback :=), and RSS(??self digest??). Maybe we should add search engine /web directory as another way of communication.

What's the advantage of using blog besides of show-off?:) I need to learn, hehe

En, one more advantage (for some companies) is that big companies can easily dig more user information..."
"In the beginning, i thought blog was just used to show-off. However, now i believe blog is much more than that. ......

new view on blog

In the beginning, i thought blog was just used to show-off. However, now i believe blog is much more than that.

Many people, like year and zero, maintain good blogs to write down their feelings, it's a good way to record the life and share that with friends. A little bit like diary. (Of course, in diary we can write anything, including dark side of ourselves, hehe. In blog?)

Today i read another blog "maggie's gift". The blog not only includes maggie's thoughts, but also includes many good articles she collected. It reminds me that blog can also be used as press clipping. I have been struggling for long time to find a good way to organize my article collections. Blog might be an acceptable solution. But for press clipping, it's important to categorize, and indexing is a plus. Does anybody know which blog or which software can do this?

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